about us

Our Mission

The Trust was established in London in 2004 with the aim of providing financial support for many worthy causes. One of the main areas the Charity has been focusing on over the last 10 years has been in assisting with Medical costs. Many of us here in the UK take this service for granted but there are so many sufferers in developing countries who are not able to afford even the most basic medical treatment.

Balvimaa Charitable Trust is self funded and voluntary run and takes no administration costs. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all donations are used to directly benefit those who we have chosen to receive funds.

To date, we are proud to report that we have spent over £1,000,000 in various activities including providing heart bypasses, kidney and liver transplants with aftercare, purchasing wheelchairs for the disabled and paying for many other medical treatments.

In addition to this, we also provide support in education fees for those who are struggling to continue with further education due to lack of funds, and building schools and lodgings for students, as well as providing water wells and agricultural tools in remote rural areas, helping them to be self sufficient.

The Charity relies on guideline assessments to determine those who really need the funds, which ensures that the donations are given to those who really need it. We have also arranges special rates for treatments with hospitals in various Cities.

We have already made a big difference to the lives of many who have been fortunate enough to receive donations and we now seek your support in enabling us to continue with these worthy causes.

It is hard to believe that the cost of a meal in a restaurant for a family in UK could cover the costs of a major operation for someone who cannot afford medical treatment. Even the cost of a basic outfit from a department store could help support someone to buy medicines for a whole month.

Please join us in being a part of this worthy cause and share the joys that your generous gift will make to the lives of those who are less fortunate than us. Your contribution, however big or small will make a big difference to so many : young and old who all share one hope : that there is hope out there….

we shall be grateful if you can kindly donate generously towards this good cause.

May God’s blessing be with you always.

"Help those who are not only less fortunate but those whome we deem to be less worthy. That is how we can build our setubandh.”