Supporting ADHD UK Charity

Balvimaa charity trust is proud to provide a donation to ADHD UK
A recently established charity set up to support the growing number of people being diagnosed with the condition, and people they live with.
They provide help with diagnosis, online and face to face support groups, one to one coaching, and educating the public and raising awareness about the condition. Until recently the condition was relatively unknown and many suffered. Fortunately there is support and medication available now. However getting help via normal channels (nhs etc) is difficult or near impossible at times. These guys are a lifeline to many who may not be able to access help. Keep up the good work! And keep helping those with ADHD through their journey to learn about themselves.
ADHD UK is not government funded so any donations to them will be a great help.
Our motto is ‘To help those in need, and assist those that help others!’
For info and donations see